Summer-themed Nails 💅

08.21.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

The days are long,  the sun is hot, and before we know it, summer is almost gone. I don't know about you, but I am definitely not ready to approach autumn yet! My recent creations include seashells, chrome, and bright golden colors that keep the summer spirit thriving. If you want to enjoy the summer as long as possible, like me, visit us and enjoy one last summer-themed nail. Let us decor y... Read More

Say Good-bye to Callused Feet.

08.13.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Today, I want to talk about exfoliating dead skin. Since I have more opportunities to show my legs and feet during summer, I purchase an item that can exfoliate and massage my feet while taking a shower. What are your tools for exfoliating your feet? Do you give them any attention? In Japan, a pumice stone is often used to remove dead skin from the callus, while a blade-like sharp cutter is a m... Read More

Combat Downward Asian Lashes!

08.12.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Today, we want to talk about Asian eyes with lashes facing straight down and how a simple trick opens up your eyes. Ok, so it's not really a trick, but using an eyelash curler is a simple yet most effective way to making your eyes look bigger. The key is to REALLY lift your lashes from the root because downward lashes create shadows that cover the white part of the eyes, making your eyes look smal... Read More

Cuticle Care at VIANGE Spa

08.05.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Hard and cracked cuticles are one of many concerns people have, and cuticle cleaning is a very popular treatment we offer at our salon. First, we soak the cuticles in warm water and then gently remove the excess skin. Be sure to let the professionals take care of your cuticles; overdoing can often damage the nails. Need extra pampering this month? Try hand treatment during your next gel nail se... Read More

 Stay Cool this Summer with VIANGE Blue Eyelash Extensions.

08.05.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Skip the classic black extensions, and go for the freezy blue to stay cool this summer. As we mentioned in the previous blog, color eyelash extensions are gaining popularity fast! We mixed royal with sky blue as an accent to achieve a fun and elegant look that enhance the eyes and skin to pop! We also offer 14 other color extensions, so feel free to consult with about other shades too. Try th... Read More

Operation Hours for August

08.02.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

VIANGE SPA Make your appointment HERE Nail  Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 10 am - 7 pm Eyelash Mon 11 am - 8 pm Thur 10 am - 9 pm Fri 11 am - 7 pm Sun 10 am - 9 pm   VIANGE SPA Staff... Read More

Trendsetter Fashionistas are Showing Off thier Machy Nail

07.29.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Have you tried maching your nails withour outfits? You could have so much fun by coordinating bold colors or patterns without matching too perfectly. You can also coordinate accessories as an accent to give your nails a more sophisticated look. If you do dress up your nails to match your your favorite clothes, please tag us on our IG posts and show them off using the hashtag #ViangeOOTD &nbs... Read More

Celebrate Freedom with Carefree Nails.

07.19.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga

How did you spend Independence day this year? I took my annual camping trip and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature. Well, now I'm back to the salon, ready to work! Summer is a busy season for us, and we're grateful for everyone that visits us to get their nails done. We truly have the best customers who bring positive energy with their carefree spirit. Many customers love to wear diffe... Read More

Best Eyelash Extentions for Monolids

07.18.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Do you have monolid, aka single-edged eyelids? If so, do you have a hard time choosing the right lashes, or do you even consider not getting them done? Don't give up just yet! We can help you find the perfect pair of extensions that will enhance your eyes and celebrate your beauty! There are two main factors to consider when we're looking to glam up the eyes for monolids. For one, we recommend ... Read More

Which Style is Right for You? Single, Volume, or Hybrid Lashes.

07.12.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

People often have a hard time deciding how much volume they should choose for their eyelashes. Today, I want to talk about three different types of lashes we offer at our salon. Volume lashes are designed with ultra-thin extensions to create a 3D fan shape while filling the gaps. You can achieve dense yet feathery lashes. Single lashes create an eyeliner effect by emphasizing each lash. ... Read More