MYSOIN by CRES. Main in Japan.

05.11.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

It was a long journey, but we're happy to launch this amazing beauty product line.  CRES 5 Piece Gift Set ❍ Soin-Jell Cream, a gentle and moisturizing gel-type sanitizer ❍ Soin-Mist to spray on face masks. ❍ Clear bag to carry all my favorite CRES items. ❍ Drawstring bag with CRES logo. ❍ Sanitizing sheets to wipe table and bag. Thanks to vaccines, society is slowly back t... Read More

Moelle Jell Balm

12.31.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Moelle Jell Balm has a honey-like texture that is nothing like any other wax, gel or cream type hair products. This hair balm nourishes and moisturizes your hair while maintaining a sophisticated yet modern look. A blissful scent of lychee and grapefruit is guaranteed to make you feel heavenly. ... Read More

Ricco Butter by CRES

11.26.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

We present to you our original beauty product, Ricco Butter, by CRES. You can use this super-rich butter made with organic shea butter, jojoba, and argan oil on both body and hair! Take a small amount into the palm of your hand and let the butter melt it into silky smooth oil. Use it to style your hair AND rub the leftover oil to moisturize your hand and body. We guarantee you will be ho... Read More