Truth or False? Most Common Misconception About Nail Damages.

04.29.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

In the previous post, I mentioned a misconception about how nails do not need to breathe. Today, I want to continue with the same topic on the most common misconception people have about nail damages. Nail Thinning Caused by GEL and Acrylic Many believe that frequent use of gel or acrylic nails can damage natural nails. Dr. Dana Stern, a dermatologist, and a nail specialist explains that... Read More

April Nail Designs

04.09.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Beautiful spring is here in California. We have to enjoy it while we can because summer will be here before we know it! For this month’s special designs, we have perfect styles suitable for both spring and summer; metallic butterflies, animal print foils, flower stickers, colorful natural stones (our new accessory!), and much much more! Which design will you wear this month? Read More

Vivid Pink Nails of My Dream ❦

04.09.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Pretty nails mean a happy face! Keiko has a way of knowing a person's taste instantly from their fashion style. And she did it again, flirty yet not too glamorous, fun, vivid pink nails of my dream. ❦ Thank you, Keiko; I'm ready to hustle this week!  ... Read More

Holographic Polish

03.22.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Holographic nails are perfect if you want to get dazzling glitter without rhinestones. They are fine pigments that come in many shapes, the most common shapes are circles and hexagons, but there are also butterflies, stars, hearts, and many many fun designs. We can also cut a holographic sheet and arrange them in any shape we want to make. These thin pieces are placed between the layers of gels, s... Read More

Home Nail Care with LCN Antisept

02.28.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

In the previous blog, I mentioned a nail care product called LCN Antisept that helps grow strong nails. Today, I want to show you how you can grow and strengthen your own nails using this product. First, apply LCN Antiseptic on bottom nails between your finger and back of the nails by just dabbing gently several times a day. You don’t have to blend it in; the silky serum spreads effortlessly wi... Read More

Valentine’s Day Countdown ❤️

02.02.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Valentine's Day is approaching. In Japan, it is a tradition for women to show love by giving chocolates and gifts to their person of interest. Today, I'd like to introduce you to some Japanese-style nails for Valentine's Day.  Flirty polka dot heart with a matte nude base. If you don’t want to be too girlie but want to have a little fun, then a regular french nail, try this design for a classy... Read More

Nails of the Month. + January +

01.09.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Happy New Year, everyone!  This month’s designs include pop and girlie nails guarantee to make you blush. ( Valentine is around the corner, ladies! ) Also, it is the year of ox according to the Chinese Zodiac for 2021, so we included trendy cow prints nails too. New Year, new nails. Let’s make 2021 a prosperous year. ... Read More

A Happy New Year!!!

12.31.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

I want to thank everyone for supporting me throughout 2020. The world has changed so much because of COVID, but I found joy in starting new hobbies and even facing challenges. This year has opened up so many new doors for us, and I am excited about the fresh opportunities that await us in 2021.  To welcome a new year with a fresh mindset, I have an annual tradition of writing my friends’ bi... Read More

Dazzling Swarovski Rhinestones 💎

10.27.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

It's been difficult to import nail accessories from Japan due to the effect of covid-19. After all the research, I finally found smaller size gems perfect in many shapes, shades, and sizes! ( You can see more photos from our IG account: @viangenail ) It's always a challenge to find nail accessories that aren’t too big and flashy but just enough to stand out.    Well, who's ready... Read More

Glam Up Your Nails with Press-On Nails!

07.28.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Have you tried anything new during quarantine? Since the quarantine began, this has been the longest I’ve gone without decorating my nails or dressing up. I truly feel for all my fellow nail fanatics around the world. I really miss the glam of getting my nails done. So, guess what I decided to try? PRESS-ON NAILS! Aren’t they cute? These glue-on-nails are more durable than I imagi... Read More