3 Easy Steps to Silky Smooth Hands

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I hope everyone is doing well while we’re all stuck at home for a little while longer.

Today, I want to take a moment to introduce you to a deep moisturizing hand treatment routine that was recommended by one of our nail stylists. Are your hands getting extremely dry from washing them too frequently or from using too much hand sanitizer? Is your hand lotion not working well enough to protect and heal your dry, cracked skin? Sometimes, these hand lotions, especially ones with inefficient ingredients, just aren’t enough. There are a couple of other products that will complement your hand lotion to give you the smooth and silky hands you’ve always dreamed of.

What do you use to moisturize your hands? Many people use some sort of hand cream, but I’m going to ask you to forget about hand cream for juuuuust a minute! Let’s think. Why do we choose to only apply hand cream to our hands when we give so much more attention to our faces? We use a multitude of products, and many times, even several layers of products at once. Face toners, lotions, serum, eye creams, and than we even top it off with some day or night cream! We give so much care and attention to our faces and completely neglect our hands. It’s tragic! We should give our hands just as much care as our faces, after all, they do so much for us!

Here are 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Toner

Did you know that hand models are using face toner to moisturize their hands? To start, apply plenty of toner to the back of your hands. A lighter, liquid type toner works better than thicker, gel type toners for this first step. Rather than dabbing the toner with a cotton pad, use your other hand and massage it in to penetrate deep into the skin. Many hand models do this to keep their beautiful hands looking silky smooth.

This first step is especially important for those who work on their hands all day, like people who are typing all day or mothers who are constantly washing hands with (and because of) their little ones. You can keep your favorite toner in a small spray bottle to carry it around when you’re out and about. Because toners are not as sticky as hand cream, you can apply them whenever your hands feel dry.

Step 2 - Hand Cream

Once you’ve applied the toner, the next step is to coat it with hand cream to trap the moisture for better absorption. In order to achieve the best results, warm up the hand cream in the palm of your hand first so that the oils and other ingredients used in the cream liquefy. This process intensifies the penetration aptitude for better absorption.

My personal favorite hand cream to use both at home and the salon is White Tea Hand Cream by LCS SPA! This hand cream has a long lasting moisturizing effect and light texture

that keeps my hands extra smooth.

Step 3  - Nail Butter

To finish off the treatment, I use my favorite nail butter, Avocado Nail Butter by LCN SPA. Apply this on the surface of the nails and around the cuticles, and follow the same process you took in the previous step.

Warm it up on the palm of your hand without rubbing it. You want to warm up the butter, but only enough so it’s easier to apply to the nails. Then, gently place the nail butter on your nails so that you can still see solid clumps of butter. Now, let it melt and seep into your skin on its own, letting your body heat do the work. The oil will dissolve into your finger nails slowly. This awesome nail butter has saved my dry skin for years. You can use it for your heels, elbows, and other places on your body that are extremely dry and cracked.

If you are also applying a cuticle oil, be sure to apply it on the inside of your nails as well. This strengthen your nails to help them grow healthier.

Here is the summary for these deep hand moisturizing steps:

Skin Toner + Hand Cream + Nail Butter = Deep Moisturized Silky Hands!

I cannot stress enough the importance of daily care for keeping your hands smooth and silky. This is my typical hand care routine, but I also change it up by using a paraffin pack once a month along with Natural Care Mask by LCN SPA when I have a chance to do it at the salon. I highly recommend trying different skin toners to see which product works best for your skin.

I came to realize that I am more obsessed with taking care of my hands rather than my face when it comes to skin care. I always try to drink at least half a gallon of water a day for healthy and glowing skin. Beautiful skin is made not only from the outside but from within 🙂

Don’t forget, keeping your hands moisturized is just as important as your facial skin, and please shoot us a message if you have questions or requests for something you want to see or learn

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