Inspiring eyelash extensions for the upcoming season.

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Does it ever seen like eyelash extensions have seasonal trends just like fashion, hair, and makeup? Although eyelash extensions don't have these trends, eyelash styles can and should change depending on your eye makeup to complement the look. I want to introduce you to several different eyelash extension designs that will help you enhance this season's newest makeup trends.

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1. Accentuate your look with volumizing, full lashes.

If you want to achieve a bold look that focuses on the eyes, go with full lashes that emphasize them. For example, full lashes are the perfect accent for a sophisticated style like cat eyes. Also, adding lower eyelashes pairs perfectly with bold, smoky eye makeup.

Another fun style to try is color eyelash extensions that match the color of your eye makeup.  Having the same or a similar color eyeshadow or eyeliner that matches the eyelash extensions can give you a strong, well-coordinated look. For example, try gray extensions if you are wearing navy eyeliner or purple-tone lashes to match your purple eyeshadow.

2. Mathematics of makeup

Despite glamorous makeup trends, we understand that these styles are not for everyone, and some people aren’t fans of heavy makeup. If you want to keep a natural look with a hint of boldness,  try natural design eye extensions with bold lip colors for a balanced, finished look.

3. Brown-tone eyelash extensions

It’s not an exaggeration to say that eyelash extensions are an essential part of many women’s lifestyles.  Eyelash extensions can save you a tremendous amount of time getting ready in the morning, and they are easy to maintain. As much as we love dark eyelash extensions that can empower you with piercing eyes, it can also be a bit much for an everyday look.  So, we highly recommend going with brown eyelash extensions which have a softer look that still emphasize the eyes.

4. Match your hair and makeup color palette

Dramatic changes to your hairstyle might make you want to change up your makeup as well. Instead of changing your eye shadow or eyeliner, we recommend changing the color of your eyelash extensions. If you have highlights in your hair, why not add some highlights to your eyelash extensions?  Now, that’s taking beauty to the next level! If you have bright highlights in your hair, try incorporating brown-tone eyelash extensions to keep your look from being too flashy.

We hope these tips for eyelash extensions will help you to decide the styles you want to try next time you visit our salon.

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