Best Eyelash Extentions for Monolids

07.18.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Do you have monolid, aka single-edged eyelids? If so, do you have a hard time choosing the right lashes, or do you even consider not getting them done? Don't give up just yet! We can help you find the perfect pair of extensions that will enhance your eyes and celebrate your beauty!

There are two main factors to consider when we're looking to glam up the eyes for monolids. For one, we recommend a tighter curl with the tips touching the eyelid because the roots of the eyelashes tend to go deeper into the eyelid with monolids. Secondly, the length of the extensions should blend with your natural lashes, not extremely long, to create a bold yet natural look.

Still unsure about getting them done?  Visit us to discuss your concerns, and we'll customize the perfect lashes for you.

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