Coloring your life.

04.12.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

As a nail artist, I am all about COLORS.

I could list hundreds of reasons why I love colors so much, but if I were to pick just one, I would have to say that it’s the endless color possibilities that excite me the most.

I love the feeling of walking down the paint isle in a craft store. It memorizes me every time! I love glancing at all the colors on the shelves and checking out the names given to each one of them. (Naming colors?! Who’s the lucky person that has such a fun job!?) Also, another thing I love about color is that it’s not used to cover something up, but rather to express oneself. I believe that we can all express and empower ourselves by incorporating colors into our lives.

Have you ever tried a color fortune telling? Every color that you pick has a meaning, and these colors may change everyday.  Color tends to reflect your emotions, thoughts, or concerns. Whether you realize it or not, colors surround and effect us everyday. It’s nearly impossible to disconnect ourselves from the colors around us in our daily lives.

In my 15 years as a nail artist, I often have people ask me, “what is your favorite design to paint?” In all honesty, I’ve never had a favorite design and will never have one. I simply love colors, creating new shades, and challenging myself to be creative with the endless combinations of colors.

Sometimes, I have a customer asks me, “how should I design my nails?”

My answer is always to go with your instincts for your nail designs!

Since the Stay-at-Home order began in California, my artsy side has been running at full speed! To me, nails are like a canvas. I don’t know how to make bags or shoes, but I absolutely love discovering new colors and figuring out new color combinations. It’s my passion to find a combination of colors that really suits each of my customer’s styles and personalities.

I strongly recommend following nail or any other artist accounts on Instagram for inspiration and for fun! One of my favorite accounts that I enjoy following is @ninagawamika, a well known Japanese director and photographer. Mika Ninagawa recently directed the Netflix’s original TV series, FOLLOWERS. I was very inspired by everything in this show from interior designs to the costumes worn by all the different characters. I love the way she uses and captures color, and I’m not ashamed to say her posts have inspired me to come up with new nail design ideas for myself.

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To all of you who watched FOLLOWERS: Thank you for your support ! It’s probably the first time I made such a fiction series which is so close to reality. All the characters, including Limi, are just representing myself in a way or another. Let me know what do you think ! 謝謝你們對FOLLOWERS的支持! 這次應該是我第一次創作一部跟現實那麼接近的劇集。所有角色,包括主角Limi也很像我自己的分身一樣,很有共鳴。 告訴我你們看完的感想! 谢谢你们对FOLLOWERS的支持! 这次应该是我第一次创作一部跟现实那么接近的剧集。所有角色,包括主角Limi也很像我自己的分身一样,很有共鸣。 告诉我你们看完的感想!

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Be spontaneous and try a color that you normally wouldn’t choose! Try matching these new colors with your favorite color, and enjoy exploring the endless possibilities of colors.


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