Dreamy Eyelashes ┃THE EYEDOLL by EYEDOR.

02.21.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Do you feel that your eyelashes are thinning out from over the years of putting mascara and eyeliner every day? I was rubbing my eyes the other day,  and several lashes fell out in front of my eyes. #TrueHorrorStory

Today, we want to introduce our favorite eyelash serum, The EYEDOLL by EYEDOR. It’s no secret that makeup and eyelash extensions put a strain on our lashes, and to prevent a horrific experience like mine, eyelash serum is gaining attention. Simply apply the serum directly to your eyelashes like how you’d apply mascara. The EYEDOLL serum contains rich ingredients with three targeting mechanisms; repair, moisturize, and coat. The natural plant-derived ingredients penetrate the eyelashes and the root of the eyes to create strong and resilient lashes, which result in growing healthy eyelashes.

The eyes can make or kill your final look. Eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger, bolder and give you a confidence boost. (Especially when half of your have is covered with a face mask.) Don't hesitate to ask us questions when you visit; we're happy to provide you more information and help you achieve the eyelashes of your dream.