Enhance Your Eyes with Color Extention and Contact Lenses This Fall.

10.11.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

Eyelash extensions have changed our lives dramatically since this new item was introduced in the beauty industry. Everyday life is less stressful when we can skip the “makeup time” in the morning.  

Wearing both eyelash extensions and colored eye contact lenses is an effortless way to make your eyes look pop without applying any eye makeup. Black eyelash extensions are the most popular color used for a natural look because this beautiful and classic color can accentuate your colored lenses without looking too glam. For those who wish to be more unique, we recommend wearing color eye contacts and colored extensions together. Try coordinating light brown lenses with brown, orange, or burgundy eyelashes for a subtle yet adventurous look. 

We believe in “less is more.”  In this photo, we applied black eyelashes to avoid an overdone look.

Autumn is the beginning of the festive season, with many holidays coming up. Enjoy using your favorite fall colors to glam up your eyes, and be confident with or without wearing makeup. 

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