Happy New Year Message from Keiko.

01.05.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

As 2020 ends and the New Year begins, like many others, I love to watch Kouhaku (An annual singing content hosted on New Year's Eve in Japan.) while I fix Osechi ( a traditional Japanese New Years food which is served in special boxes, consisting of many different foods like a sweet rolled omelet, fruit, fish cake, and roe to name a few.)  and sushi platter, eat Toshikoshi soba ( a buckwheat noodle dish to eat on New Year's Eve. Long noodles are eaten symbolically for long life), and count down!

I FaceTimed with my family to welcome the New Year together. I love my family, and my heart was filled with gratitude for these things that don’t change. But at the same time, I was shocked to see how fast my niece has grown! She turned 20 this year, which is a special age in the Japanese culture to celebrate the entrance of adulthood called the Coming of Age Ceremony.

I also noticed while watching Kouhaku; there were so many young, talented artists with confidence and hopes. It’s exciting to see how they are challenging themselves to create the future, which unfolds vastly in front of them. We live in such a world full of dreams! 

But I’m not going to be left behind, either - this year and onwards, I will continue to brush up my artistic skills and succeed in the ever-evolving world of Nail Art! Have said that, I look forward to creating and serving you again this year.

Keiko Hiejima