Natural Essential Oil, “joie all over oil”, by CRES

11.16.2020 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

The wait is over! Our original beauty product line, cres, came out with a new product!

“joie all over oil”

Look how cute this bottle is! I couldn't keep my hands to myself. 

Not sure which organic product to purchase? Well, I highly recommend Joie all over oil because it is 100% natural and safe product you can use for both your hair and body. We use this product to give foot massage during the pedicure service as well. The oil penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it while you enjoy its aroma. 

Are your hands cracked from washing frequently like mine were? This oil was so effective that my hands are now baby smooth! 

Please give it a try, I promise “joie all over oil” won't let you down.