No Mascara. No Eyeliner. The Joy of Eyelash Extensions.

02.15.2021 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

There are so many benefits to getting eyelash extensions. 

We all know eyelash extensions make your eyes glamorous without the hassle. Each strand of eyelash extensions is attached one by one to the edge of the eyelashes, filling in the gaps between the lashes which emphasize your eyes without using eyeliner. 

A full set is about 120 lashes or more, which is ideal for achieving the bold eyes that accentuate the eyes. You can skip both mascara and eyeliner, so the time you spend in the morning is cut in half or more! Also, you are completely stress-free from getting panda eyes from smudged makeup after a long day. 

When in doubt, say yes to eyelash extensions. 

Full set of classic style eyelash extensions.

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