Offered Service: Eyelash Extensions

11.11.2019 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin

     Eyelash Extensions2

We use the highest quality eyelash extensions called Sables known for creating a natural, beautiful look without keeping damage to minimal. All lashes and glues used in the salon are imported from Japan. We believe that quality of the material is crucial to execute the most beautiful, natural looking eyelashes.

There are many variety of thickness and length of the curls of to choose from, our lash specialist, Ellie takes her time with each individuals to help create a customized lashes of their dreams.

Eyelash Extensions

To offer our customers the ultimate relaxation during the session, all rooms have memory foam beds that takes stress off of the body while laying down. Needless to say, many customers falls asleep during the session.

Come visit VIANGE SPA, and let us show you what exceptional service and indulgence really means.

Our salons are booked a month in advance so, be sure to make an appointment as early as possible.


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