VIANGE SPA Opening and Website Redesign

10.14.2019 | VIANGE SPA Saratoga, VIANGE SPA Dublin, News

“VI” comes from the Japanese word meaning beauty, while “ANGE” comes from the English word Angel because we believe that our team and all our customers are Beautiful Angels.

VIANGE, our renowned beauty salon, confidently offers first-class service through our expert stylists, who always stay on top of the current trends and innovations for hairstyles and hair care respectively. VIANGE proudly serves in four locations in the San Francisco bay area, as well as one in Plano, Texas. In June of 2019, VIANGE also opened up a luxurious sister salon, VIANGE SPA NAIL & EYELASH, in Saratoga, CA.


Welcome to VIANGE SPA

We are the only salon in the San Francisco bay area that offers such a wide range of beauty services for enchaining nails, lashes, and skin. We not only meet all these beauty care needs, but will sweep you away to paradise with a beautiful and relaxing ambiance.

All services are provided by our highly skilled stylists, using the highest quality beauty products imported from Japan. We are dedicated to bringing you the same exceptional quality of service at VIANGE SPA that our customers have come to expect at our hair salon, VIANGE HAIR.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Enjoy an extraordinary, tranquil atmosphere as you enter our salon, decorated with a white and beige color palette designed to help enhance your relaxation. Don’t leave too quickly! Please, take time to relax after your session in our cozy salon, and savor every moment of serenity.

Come visit VIANGE SPA, and let us show you what exceptional service and indulgence really means.

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